bike repair standIf you’re looking to purchase one of the many bike repair stands (sometimes known as bike work stands) on the market today, my reviews of the best repair stands currently for sale out there on the web should answer any of your questions…

Personally, I wouldn’t have even looked at buying a bike stand until about two years ago, when my finances took a hit. Cutting costs drastically meant performing the repairs on my own, complete with my own bike repair kit and work stand. My cycling schedule – and bank balance – have never looked better!

I would heartily recommend purchasing a stand if you’re looking to cut repair costs and have the time and just a bit of bike repair knowledge. If you’re semi-serious about your biking and are often out on the road/in competition, a work stand is a MUST, at least in my opinion. The perfect solution for your bike and your pocket can be found in my reviews below.

My recently launched Buying Guide will certainly point you in the right direction, as it summarizes the main features, ratings and prices of the leading bike repair stands on the market today. It should be of great help for those of you confused at the sheer volume of stands out there. You might also want to check out our top tips for selecting the right repair stand for YOU, click here for some great tips!

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If you’re a beginner but looking for quality, then the Feedback Sport Bike Repair Stand is a great option. Feedback is a great, well-trusted brand. Another great option is the bestselling Park Tool PCS-10 repair stand (currently on offer at 20% off on online stores like Amazon!).

We’ve also just added our bike repair video tips series, where we show you how to perform common bike repair tasks. And if you really want to go all the way with your bike repair, this great series of videos is a must-try!