Feedback Sports Pro EliteWhat’s every professional cyclist’s greatest fear? Having participated in many cross-country bicycle races, I can safely say that bicycle malfunctions en-route to the finish line are the most crushing thing that can happen to any cyclist. I once saw my position in a mountain bike race slip from third to last after my bicycle gears got damaged and I could not perform the appropriate repairs in time to finish the race.

After that unfortunate incident, I resolved that I would never again lose a race due to technical screw-ups. I did plenty of research, the fruits of which you can see on this website, and found that the Feedback brand was high up on the list of faves for many cycling pros. In turn, I discovered this one, the Feedback Sports Pro Elite Repair Stand, complete with many other satisfied online reviews from many customers, so I decided to give it a shot. I’ve taken it with me on several races and am so much more confident when out on a circuit, knowing I have one of the top bike repair stands on the market.

What’s to like about the Sports Pro Elite from Feedback?

If you’re going to take your bike maintenance stand with you on races, it needs to be extremely portable and the Pro Elite stand definitely scores on that count. It weighs only 13 pounds, meaning that it hardly contributes to my airline baggage limits when I’m travelling via air for races. It can be folded up and stored in a compact bag when not in use. Although I take it on every race, it’s so portable I barely even notice it’s there.

At a feather-light 13 pounds, I didn’t have high expectations about this bike repair stand’s stability and harbored a fair amount of cynicism towards the manufacturer’s claims that the bicycle stand could support bikes weighing up to 85 pounds. But for once, I was not the victim of false marketing.

This bicycle stand was really extremely sturdy as it was built from professional-grade metal components (to be more precise: rust-proof, red-anodized 6000 series aluminum tubing). It was also incredibly stable, chiefly due to the patented Secure-Lock clamp which uses a ratchet action to lock the bicycle firmly in place. Even when I was performing vigorous repairs, my bicycle remained still instead of wobbling about. Most of the sturdier bicycle stands I’ve encountered use complicated screw mechanisms to keep the bicycle in place, making it very difficult to get a bike in and out of the stand.

In stark contrast, the Secure-Lock clamp is really easy to release. A quick push of a button is all it takes to set your bike free.  This is really important during races when every second lost could cost you a place on the victory podium. You can easily set up the Pro Elite repair stand, perform your repairs and pack up in a matter of minutes, allowing you to continue your race with minimal time wastage.

I only have one minor gripe about this bike stand. I found that the ratchet head became stuck more frequently after a month of use. A little lubricant solved the problem, so if you intend to buy this stand, please remember to lubricate the ratchet mechanism every week or so to keep the bicycle stand in good working condition.

Bang for your hard-earned buck?

Absolutely! Overall, this Feedback Pro Elite Bicycle Repair Stand is a truly excellent bike stand for its portability and sturdiness and I would highly recommend it for avid cyclists everywhere. I believe there are other color options, but personally, love the awesome red it seems to come in by default.

It will set you back around $200, but in my opinion, worth it. A very solid 9/10 for this one, and certainly another option to think about if you like Feedback stands!

One last thing to consider: this repair stand is one of the most highly rated stands out there. Just look at some of the reviews on Amazon for this (click the link below), and its amazing 4.9/5 rating. Certainly the most highly rated we’ve come across – see more ratings in our Buying Guide.

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