Park Tool PRS-20 ReviewThis Park Tool PRS-20 Team Race Stand comes with impressive credentials, being originally designed for use by the Tour de France-winning Discovery Channel Professional Cycling Team.

And since I’ve been looking for high quality bicycle repair stands for years now, I’m pleased to report that this bike repair stand is every bit as effective as its credentials suggest.

Why is this bike stand such a star?

When you’re performing delicate repair or maintenance work on your bicycle, the last thing you want is for your bike to move about. If your hands slip, you can easily injure yourself or damage your bike.

Many of the bicycle stands I’ve encountered were way too unstable for me but happily, the PRS-20 Team Race Stand does not belong in this category. It is able to hold my bicycle securely in place using a combination of quick-release mounts attached to either the front or rear dropout and a vinyl-covered cradle which is used to stabilize the bottom bracket.

At 19 pounds, it is probably one of the heavier bicycle stands around, but to professional cyclists and bike mechanics like me, the heavier weight is definitely a fair trade-off for the additional stability. What’s a couple of pounds in exchange for greater safety?

If there’s one thing I hate about performing bicycle repairs, it’s having to maneuver my way around the bicycle to access different bike parts. It may seem like a minor quibble, but it’s a complete waste of time as far as I’m concerned and can lead to some pretty nasty back and neck aches too. That’s why I was so delighted to find out that this bicycle maintenance stand comes with a platform capable of 360-degree horizontal rotation even when the bottom bracket is locked. Instead of clambering around the bike, I can sit comfortably on my work stool and swivel the platform around when I need to access a different side of the bike.

This feature definitely makes the PRS-20 Team Race Stand one of the more user-friendly bicycle stands around, especially if you perform frequent maintenance work on your bicycle like I do.

I must also commend the Park Tool bike stand design team for the durability of this bicycle work stand. Many of the repair stands I’ve tested or friends have purchased (including the more expensive ones) begin to malfunction after just a year or two, but the PRS-20 is still going strong after two years. I attribute its durability to the chrome plating used to protect high-wear components as well as the industrial-grade blue powder coat finish which protects the bicycle stand from physical wear and tear.

When you first unpack this steel bicycle stand, you immediately expect it to be a really solid piece of equipment and Park Tool has strived not to fall short of their customers’ expectations. I’d say they’ve succeeded big time.

If you’re looking for a bicycle stand to help you perform your bicycle maintenance work, I cannot recommend the Park Tools PRS-20 Team Race Stand highly enough. It’s swiftly become my bike stand of choice and an indispensable part of my bicycle maintenance arsenal. It also makes our Top 3 bestseller list, rather easily…

Price-wise it’s not the cheapest at just over $200, but there’s a price you have to pay for the pure advantages this bike stand gives you. It’s a definite alternative to the bestselling PCS-10, also from the Park Tool stable of bike repair stands, and also a great alternative to the Topeak Tuneup stand, the repair stand that can hold up to FOUR bikes!

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