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Repairing your bike (VIDEO TIP #2)

Our second video in our bike repair tips video series.

This one is more of a beginner’s task, in that we are showing you how to remove the rear wheel of a bike, but it is such a common problem that even the most experienced of us still encounter it – and even struggle with. Especially when we come up against a new bike we’ve not had to remove the rear wheel for…

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If you’re into your bike repair in a BIG way and want to save even more costs at the bike shop, this awesome video series is for you!

Repairing your bike (VIDEO TIP #1)

We know what it’s like trying to fix something on your bike and not being exactly sure of what you’re doing – so we’ve collected some of the best videos out there to give you a visual training guide to common bike repair tasks!

We hope to make this a regular series of videos, so keep an eye on this section!

This video shows how to fix a broken spoke.

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If you need tools for repairing your bike (apart from the bike repair stands we recommend!), check out some of the repair tools we review – and this awesome video series is a must-try!

How to set up your Park Tool PCS-10 Repair Stand (VIDEO)

It’s not by accident that the Park Tool PCS-10 is the bestselling bicycle repair stand on the market today (read our Park Tool PCS-10 review). We’ve done plenty of research and not found a stand that can really compare…

If there’s one complaint we’ve heard now and again, it’s that the setup of the PCS-10 is a little trickier than it could be. We scoured the net for a video that might help out those of you struggling and found this little cracker. Great tune too!

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