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Best THREE bike repair stands to spend your money on in 2017

With spring/summer here once again, now is the perfect time to once again think about buying a bike repair stand.

The racing season is in full flow during the summer months, and, unfortunately, so are those repairs! If you’re serious about your biking, a repair stand for bikes is really what you need in your toolbox (though I doubt it will squeeze in – you know what I mean…).

The bike stands I’ve chosen are the best of the bestsellers online at stores such as Amazon, and from my own experience you really can’t go wrong with any one of these…

If you have any questions, feel free to ping me! And if you’re still not what and how to buy, check out our new Buying Guide, as well as some top tips for buying.

In no particular order…

Park Tool PCS-10

park tool pcs-10

If you’re going to be needing something a bit heavy-duty and want assurances that your new bike repair stand will stand up to the task, then purchase the Park Tool PCS-10 Home Repair Stand (see our full review).

It’s no surprise that this little beast from Park Tool is up there – typically at number one – on the bestseller lists. Fixing your bike with this stand becomes a joy and you really can’t go wrong if you add it to your toolkit!

Feedback Sport-Mechanic

Feedback Bicycle Repair StandThe Feedback Sport-Mechanic bike stand (read our full review) is one of the sleeker stands out there, and one that certainly fits within the budget of most hobbyists. Especially useful is its ability to go from a large unfolded stand to a compact unit that folds neatly and easily.

This particular Feedback model is also light and easy to move around, a big advantage over many other bike stands out there. With the Feedback name to support it, this is another great choice that won’t let you down.

Park Tool PRS-20

Park Tool PRS-20 ReviewThe Park Tool PRS-20 Team Race Stand (see our full review) is possibly the ultimate repair bike stand on the market today. Not cheap, typically coming in at just over $200, this stand has some quality credentials to support its case: it was originally designed for use by the Tour de France-winning Discovery Channel Professional Cycling Team!

If price is no object for you and you’re after quality, this has to be your choice of repair stand.


Bubbling just outside this Top 3 bestseller list, you could always try the Topeak Tune-up stand – we were very impressed with its holding capability that enables it to take up to FOUR bikes!

The bike repair industry’s bestseller: the Park Tool PCS-10 Repair Stand

park tool pcs-10If you’re in need of a heavy duty bike stand, the Park Tool PCS-10 Home Repair Stand is one of the industry’s most widely used bike repair stands and it’s not too hard to see why this has become such a bestseller on the web. It’s actually an upgrade from the cheaper PCS-9, but it’s so much more sturdy and stable that repairing your bike with this beauty is almost a pleasure!

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This bike stand is awesome for the price (typically around $180), and with the technical specs to get the job done. Most impressive is the cam type clamp, which means attaching your bike can quickly and easily be done in one single action. It lets you clamp tubes from 24mm to 76mm.

You can always replace the jaw covers if needed, and the clamping pressure can be adjusted to fit your own needs, if for example you have a heavy bike, or if one side of it is a lot heavier than the other.  There is also a composite top tube, which means there is an easy action 360 degree clamp rotation.

The Park Tool PCS-10 bike repair stand also has quick release height adjustment, so you won’t be screwing and unscrewing to reach from 39 inches to 57 inches height. The Park Tool PCS-10 also stands very securely, what with a three point leg system, letting you get on with the job of repairing your bikes without worrying that it will fall off at any second, or suddenly lurch when you’re applying pressure.

The quick access to the height adjuster is a real time saver and just more convenient.  Often when working on the bike you will want to work on parts at different heights, and this allows an easy transition.

Some of the big Park Tool PCS-10 features you’ll want to take advantage of…

The Park Tool PCS-10 stand is an upgrade on the previous bestseller, the PCS-9 Repair stand, and has all the same features PLUS it is so much easier to put up and take down.  The improved and enhanced design has actually made the set up and take down much much better – and dead easy for us bike repairers! Don’t miss this great little video explaining just how easy it is to set up the PCS-10.

The Park Tool PCS-10 is easily one of the better bike repair stands out there because it can hold the more awkward and odd shaped tubing, as well as adapting easily from small bikes to large.  The holding system even has cleverly positioned grooves on the clamps.  This allows the brake lines to continue without being pressed upon or restricted so that you are able to test your brakes.

Stability is another big pro with this repair stand, as there is nothing worse than a wobbly bike repair stand, which moves whenever you put pressure on it.  The PCS-10 is also strong and durable.  You won’t have to splash out on a new repair stand for a long long time. It is easy to set up and easily portable when folded up.  It weighs approximately 25 – 30 lbs so you should have no problems transporting it around.

But…how much bang do I get for my buck?

In short, YES, you get a lot of bang for your buck! The Park Tool PCS-10 stand is really terrific value for those of you taking on repairs yourselves, and it is so much better than the previous Park Tool versions. The stability alone is a BIG plus, and it’s just so much more durable and portable, that you’ll probably never need for another bike stand (unless you’re a semi-pro/pro!). This is a great tool to have in your trunk when out and about on a bike trip. Trust us on that one…

And there’s no doubt that this one is in our list of this summer’s bestsellers!


How to set up your Park Tool PCS-10 Repair Stand (VIDEO)

It’s not by accident that the Park Tool PCS-10 is the bestselling bicycle repair stand on the market today (read our Park Tool PCS-10 review). We’ve done plenty of research and not found a stand that can really compare…

If there’s one complaint we’ve heard now and again, it’s that the setup of the PCS-10 is a little trickier than it could be. We scoured the net for a video that might help out those of you struggling and found this little cracker. Great tune too!

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