Park Tool Advanced KitIf there’s one thing I love more than cycling, it’s bicycle modification. I’m at my happiest when I’m installing some new gears on my bike or overhauling my headset. That’s why I’m constantly on the lookout for new bicycle tool kits.

I recently had my set of bicycle modification tools stolen, so I decided to purchase the Park Tool Advanced Mechanic Kit. I already own a bicycle work stand from Park Tools and was very satisfied with that purchase, so I was very pleased to see that this Advanced Mechanic Kit bears that unmistakable Park Tools stamp of quality.

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As the name suggests, this tool kit is designed with experienced bicycle mechanics in mind. It contains plenty of complicated tools for advanced users, so even the geekiest of bicycle fanatics will be more than satisfied.

When I opened the tool kit, I found pliers, wire pullers, wrenches and screwdrivers in plenty of different sizes. It provided more than enough equipment for all my bicycle repair, modification and cleaning needs. Are there bigger tool kits out there? Sure there are! The question is, how many tools do you really need? Most of the professional mechanics I know only use about twenty tools on a regular basis, so there’s really no point buying a humongous 100-piece mechanic tool kit. This Park Tools Advanced Mechanic Kit contains 37 different tools and that’s more than enough for me. I did wish it came with a freewheel remover (I ended up purchasing one separately) but from my experience, no bike tool kit at this price point will contain one, so I really can’t complain.

Durability is a massive concern for me when it comes to bicycle repair tools. I’ve had many unfortunate experiences with low-end tool kits where the screwdriver heads fell off after just a few weeks of use or the wire pullers broke in half after I squeezed them a little too hard. This Park Tools bike mechanic kit is pretty affordable, so I was doubtful about their durability, but I’m glad to report that Park Tools has proved me wrong. Each and every tool in this kit is made of heavy-duty metal with the occasional industrial-grade plastic component, ensuring that these tools can go the distance. I’ve used them for some very intense bike modification work and none of the tools broke. In fact, after a bit of polishing, they looked as good as new.

So, does this Park Tool Mechanic Kit give bang for your buck?

A good mechanic can tell the quality of a bicycle repair tool based on its weight and heft and when you pick up any of the tools in this kit, you immediately sense that it’s made of the finest materials available. I’ve no doubt that this is the most solid and long-lasting tool kit in its price class on the market.

I am pleased to report that I’m thoroughly satisfied with this Park Tools bicycle maintenance kit. I’ll not only use this for home repairs, but will also bring it with me on all my professional races. I’m confident that it will serve me well for a long time to come.